(ENGLISH)The inspiration came from ...

When I was studying in London, I went for shopping in the Portabello Market in the Notting Hill.  In a second-handed book store, I found that there was a photo slipped one of the books. In the photo, there was a little girl playing with her Jack Russell; but the little girls head has been cropped outside the photo. I could feel their interaction and connection from their action. It left me an unlimited space for imagination.

With this unique experience, I have spent a year on developing a collection of painting with the name “a_blink”. Each of the painting has their own story; a squirrel just landed on a little girl who’s playing on a swing; a pair of goldfish has just sneaked from a little glass fish tank; a yellow duckling was following a girl with an umbrella in a rainy day; the paintings are like a photo, captured the moment, viewers could also use their imagination to explore what’s going to happen next.

This blink; could be any girls’ imagination or memory.

After coming back from London, with the experience of product design, I have tried to crossover the both. Lollipopia was launched after a mini painting exhibition; just want to combine art and product. The mission of Lollipopia is to bring art into our daily life. They are not just one of the hand-made brands; I have tried to manage element of arts, small amount of production, creativity and also personalization into all the items. Just because not everyone can afford a painting and painting aren’t mass produced, so that we can owe a piece of art work with the unique product.

(中文)概念由来 …

记得在英国留学的时候,於伦敦Portabello Market的一间二手书店内閒逛,在其中一本小说内发现了一张小女孩坐在草地上拥抱着小狗玩耍的照片,照片只拍到女孩的下半身和那头啡白色Jack Russell小狗;从动作中感受到她与宠物的互动及连系。虽然笔者没有把书买下,却记住了那个画面,也由於照片拍不到女孩到面孔,这个不完整的画面构图,却产生了无限的想像。

就凭这个经历作灵感,再用了一年时间,完成了这系列名为 “a_blink” 的画作。利用油彩与画布,把这份感觉带出来。每幅画也有不同的故事;小松鼠落在正盪鞦韆女孩的脚踝上;金鱼从女孩手上的鱼缸俏俏地偷走出来;小鸭子走到女孩伞下避雨;它们都像照片一样,捕捉了这些一瞬间的画面,也藉着观看者的想像力,联想出下一秒不同的故事。


我从英国回来香港发展后,用上以往产品设计的经验,把图画与产品来了一次Crossover。在我的一个小型画展后,推出了自己的生活设计与艺术品牌Lollipopia。Lollipopia 产品系列背后的理念,就是「利用设计把艺术融入生活」,不是单卖艺术品与「手作仔」;而是包含了艺术元素、精心的生产过程、设计原创性、其产量少甚至有个人化的设计 - personalization。正因为手绘图画与手作艺术品并不是人人都可以拥有,它们也不容易大量生产,以往要是喜欢一幅图画只有购买名信片或画册;现在便可以直接拥有其产品。

「Lollipopia - Utopia of Art and Love」;一个充满着爱与艺术的世界。